Redhill Weekly Food Distribution

The programme

The Redhill Blk 89 Food Distribution Programme is our longest running programme, active since June 1988. The programme started in Redhill, but over time, it also expanded to a second location in Kim Tian, although it’s still named after its historical location of Redhill.

From the initial 60 beneficiaries that we first took over, the number of beneficiaries has now increased to about 200 elderly residents. This number is constantly changing, and we foresee it will continue to grow with the aging population of Singapore.

Food planning for a better health

The food that we provide to the elderly is planned to enable them to have a balanced healthy diet that they need. The poor elderly would not spend on nutrients food such as fresh fruits & vegetables: by providing better nutrition to our beneficiaries we ensure they have a healthier diet and fewer medical problems.

What’s in our bag?

Every week, we pack and distribute bags of food for a value between 10 and 20 SGD.

  • At least 2 different types of fruit (apples, bananas, oranges, …)
  • Different dry items (bread, rice, eggs, sardines, beans, etc..)
  • Two vegetables types are distributed also to beneficiaries that have the facilities to cook them (cabbage, carrots, kailan, cucumber, …)

Sometimes, we can afford to go the extra mile and provide other types of essentials such as toilet paper or patches, even pandemic support items like masks or hand sanitizer!

What about fresh meat products? We have considered meat items but as many of our elderly beneficiaries do not own a fridge, the idea was dropped off.

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