What do we do

A story of perseverance, caring..

Since June 1988, every Saturday at 1.30PM, come rain or shine, a group of Apex volunteers meets at the void deck of Redhill Blk 89 to deliver food to the elderly in need.

Every week, since 1988, Apex volunteers donate their time weekly to arrange for the goods to be delivered on time and ready for the distribution.

From 1988 onwards, the people of the Apex Club of Bukit Timah ensure that food and other necessary items are packed and steadily delivered to those who rely upon this weekly supply to have food on their table.

..and more

Besides the weekly food distribution, our Club also organizes and co-ordinates outings for the elderly especially during the festive period where they would receive invitations to dinners or other special events. We hire the buses and our volunteers will escort the elderlies to and from the events.

Our volunteers also visit the beneficiaries homes, have a chat and keep them company, and make them feel that there is always someone there to help them. Our volunteers will also assist the elderly with their day-to-day correspondence with the HDB, town council etc. We also provide a link between the elderly and the services they require such as referrals to clinics, old age homes and other relevant authorities.

Zero added cost

This project is managed & run entirely by volunteers with no expenditure on administration and manpower cost. Every dollar raised goes directly to the beneficiaries in the form of foods and necessary items (sometimes even ang baos!).

We are constantly approaching donors to help financing this project. However, without full time staff to source for fund, this has always been an uphill task.

We are constantly assessing the needs of the elderly and would not hesitate to go further than what has been provided for. We also trying to attract more volunteers and donors so that we maintain the running of our home visit programme, looking out for sponsors and volunteers to help in the running of the Food Distribution program.

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